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Michelle Sheldon
Yoga & Ayurveda consultant
Qualified in Yoga and Ayurveda and currently studying Sports yoga for athletes. Bringing an Ayurvedic influence to my yoga classes to help balance the body and mind
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Yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant

A little about my journey. I first became passionate about yoga, pranayama and meditation after undergoing heart surgery in my late 30’s. I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve that had never been diagnosed and I hadn’t realised that anything was wrong until I was giving birth to my second child. I’d experienced symptoms, shortness of breath, dizziness etc however had put it down to my hectic lifestyle and didn’t listen to the signs my body was providing. I was not in tune with my body and mind or in touch with my intuition. Im sure many can appreciate the feeling of going through the motions without truly experiencing life.

You see, I had lived my life in one big rat race. On full power daily with many stresses life throws at you, fight or flight and had kind of got used to functioning that way without appreciating the damage that continual cortisol build up in the body can do and how it can manifest into physical conditions. In my opinion it more than likely exacerbated my condition. That was until I received one very large wake up call.

Sitting in my hospital bed the night before my operation on my own, worrying about how I was going to control everything in my life, ensure my kids were looked after should anything have happened etc etc, I had the most remarkable experience i’d ever had in my life……………complete surrender!

Not being one to sit around and mope, my mindset helped me to recover from the op a lot quicker than expected. The feeling I had in the hospital bed was such an amazing experience that once I had recovered from my op I went in search of that feeling to see if I could obtain it again.

That is when I fell in love with yoga

Yoga produced such a harmonious feeling in me each time I left a class that lasted for days. I’d find myself so peaceful and humming as I left my yoga class and knew from that moment on that this was my journey and I wanted to share the knowledge I had received with others by teaching them how to better manage their health and wellbeing and avoid waiting for their wake up call.

Whilst practising yoga I was then introduced to Pranayama. It fascinated me how you can create a sense of calm physically and mentally just purely through your breath and that by combining your breath in yoga helps you intensify the focus on your body and mind, control your emotional wellbeing and shut out the external daily noise of life.  I wish I had been more experienced in pranayama before my op as Im positive that it would have helped me to increase my lung capacity after my operation as my breath was shallow, improve my respiration and heal my body even quicker by oxygenating my cells.

The wonderful world of meditation

Finally I ventured into the world of mediation. This was a tricky one for me as my mind was always full of chatter with daily things to do but by tapping into my yoga and pranayama tools over time meditation became much easier. After practising meditation weekly I started to experience the benefits of this wonderful tool. It allowed me to consider my reactions to situations in a more controlled manner rather than jumping first and thinking later. It gave me yet another sense of calm and enabled me to deal with lifes pressures in a much more productive way without taking things personally. To be an observer of what life was throwing at me rather than so deep in it that you’re blinded. A few people have said to me that they find meditation difficult and uncomfortable and I can completely relate to that as I initially felt the same however I would say that those people, just as I did, would probably benefit most from mediation.

There are many studies to prove the benefits of yoga, mediation and pranayama that you can read about.

Here is a great article from psychology today which links to all the scientific benefits of meditation:

That being said, reading about it is great but experiencing the benefits for yourself is something else entirely.

On my journey, I learned about the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. How you can heal your body with herbs and nutrition. Makes sense doesn’t it? Everything we need is provided by nature so what we put in our bodies matters. Rather than taking synthetic substances such as pharmaceuticals there are natural alternatives that are better than their pharmaceutical counterparts. Turmeric for example is an amazing herb and used to treat many ailments. Said to produce better benefits than ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Check out my Facebook page for many more healing herbs and food.

Or contact me to get involved and join one of my yoga classes, ask about private yoga classes or any future wellbeing workshops.