Wellbeing Programme

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12 Week Wellbeing transformational Programme

If you had a magic wand, what would you create in your life?

Once you have booked on the programme we’ll book in a full consultation discussing what’s currently happening in your life, what you truly want instead and your goals. Together we can customise a programme tailored specifically for you.

Over the course of 12 weeks we will have 1-2-1 online sessions customised for your goals scheduled around your own commitments. Videos of what we cover in our sessions for your personal goals will be provided to enable you to continue your practice throughout and keep the momentum going so that at the end of the 12 weeks you have bodied the practices. You will also be part of a like minded small group in the 12 weeks who all support one another and help with accountability ensuring you keep on track, taking action towards your goals.

Many people come to me for stress related issues that have manifested physically to create more calm, peace and joy in their life or if they are finding themselves stuck unable to move forward with past hurt or trauma. Emotional issues that eventually take their toll on the physical body in addition to the mind. However, this programme is not limited to those issues and can assist in many different areas.

If you’re also looking to improve focus, longevity in your chosen sport or career, reducing injuries and improving mindset to finding your lifes purpose, understanding the reflected nature of this reality and how by changing your perceptions and shifting your vibration energetically you really can change your reality.

The power really is within us all to achieve whatever we truly desire.

Having knowledge of this with awareness and practices can create shifts that we may have never imagined possible.

Im passionate about helping people live a life they love. And I’m flexible enough to work with each individual to achieve their goals based on which practices work best for them. This is about you and although I’m there to guide you, ultimately I’m facilitating for you to find your own empowerment, assisting you at each stage along the way.

This programme is bespoke for the individual so if you want to improve your wellbeing in your mind, body and soul then book on to your free consultation call today and let’s connect.

What’s included in the programme?

Physical wellbeing
Through yoga, whether traditional or sports yoga to train your body and muscles. Balance, flexibility and strength. Working with Ayurveda to create balance internally working with the seasons and your own dosha to rebalance the body finding what is right for your constitution.
Accessing tools to help improve your mental health reducing stress and anxiety. Conscious breath work, meditation and quantum understanding to find a state of inner peace, forgiveness and gratitude creating the space needed to quieten the monkey mind of chatter enabling you to react to a situation with a whole brain rather than mainly emotional or logical (right or left brain dominant)
Tapping into your inner wisdom to find the truths you hold about yourself, any blocks that you've programmed and releasing these to create a free flow of energy living a life you deserve and love.