Yoga For Sports

Yoga For Sports

Whether you are a runner, golfer, weight lifter, footballer, boxer, cyclist, rock climber, surfer or any other sportsman or woman, yoga for sports can be a wonderful addition to enhance your performance, reduce injuries and improve focus, balance and flexibility.

Our muscles respond to how we use them and in the sports that we practice certain muscles over time may shorten or even lengthen from the repetitive actions we perform. Over time this can create limitations in our range of motion and this is where yoga for athletes can help.

Sports Yoga for Sports Teams

Group classes can be arranged for sports teams looking to work on stability, range of motion and flexibility to retrain muscles that may have been affected through your sport.

I am qualified in Sports Yoga with Sarah Ramsden (whose previous clients include Manchester United, Manchester City and many other athletes), and will be using techniques taught by Sarah, an exceptional experienced teacher in this field to help improve your performance and injury prevention.

Working with our breath on core strength and stability, spinal articulation (after all they say we are as young as our spine), and lengthening muscles that may have shortened over time, combining yoga with your current sport can help improve your performance and give you longevity in your chosen activity or athletic career.

1-2-1 Sports Yoga in Broadstairs

If you are looking for more of a one to one approach in Broadstairs and surrounds to focus on specific areas you wish to improve then I offer 1-2-1 yoga for sports sessions. By initially testing your range of motion I can look to increase mobility, flexibility and strength in areas of your body which may be out of balance from practicing your sport, increasing your range of motion in these areas and reducing injuries in your sport. Contact me directly for more details on 1-2-1 Sports yoga sessions or onsite team yoga.

  • Benefits of Sports Yoga

Work on muscles that may have increased tension or have shortened over time

  • How sports yoga can help

Increase your stability and flexibility with functional yoga to prevent injuries in your chosen sport

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Contact me for more information on private sports yoga sessions or onsite sessions for your sports team

How to book a private yoga class

Contact me to find out more about private sports yoga sessions or onsite sessions for your team in Broadstairs, Kent and surrounds.