Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes provide an opportunity to work on specific areas of the body that you wish to improve. Working with me in a one to one yoga class, together after assessing your personal needs and goals we can create bespoke classes with poses to stretch and strengthen the areas of your body you wish to work on.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) will be included in your poses for you to learn how to maintain a calm, peaceful state of mind both on and off the mat.

You can also split the cost of a private yoga session with up to 4 friends if you are looking for a small group class with your friends.

Private yoga Classes in Billericay, Brentwood, Shenfield and surrounds

After an initial consultation, your classes will be tailor made for your individual needs. Perhaps you need to work on releasing your hips and increasing your range of motion in this area of your body or perhaps you find it difficult to bend and want to improve your posture or mobility. Whatever the reason, even if it is simply to progress in your personal practice or if you prefer one on one rather than group classes, contact me today to find out more 

What to expect in a private one to one yoga session

At first it is important to find out what your personal goals are for taking private yoga classes. Then we can focus on the best way to use asanas to improve your balance, range of motion, flexibility and strength.

  • Improve flexibility

Many of us have had difficulties at some time in our lives with certain parts of our body however these can be worked upon and improved with specific poses tailored to your needs

  • Improving balance and proprioception

With age our balance and proprioception diminishes however with the use of yoga we can improve these areas keeping our body supple and aligned. 

  • Reduce stress

By practicing yoga, pranayama and mediation we can keep our body and mind in a harmonious state, reducing stress and cortisol levels and keeping us healthy and balanced.

What You Get From a Private Yoga Class

Working with a professional yoga teacher one to one in a private session enables you to deepen your practice allowing you to progress at a faster rate than in a group class setting as you have individual attention and the ability to ask questions about which poses are best for your body. If you suffer with stiffness in your body then this is a fantastic way to improve the range of motion for your body, strengthen your bodies proprioception, muscles and bones.