Yoga for over 50’s

Yoga for over 50’s


Do you want to find a yoga class for your age group? I offer yoga for over 50’s yoga classes in the comfort of your own home live streaming online via Zoom. Come and meet like minded fellow yogis in my gentle yoga class that will improve your flexibility, disc health, joint health and balance and tone your muscles whilst focusing on breathwork in your poses to help you focus within and increase your body awareness.

Gentle Yoga Class for over 50's

Come and enjoy this gentle yoga class and experience the benefits for yourself. Open to people of any age or ability with the majority of class members being over 50. Pranayama is practised in each class to reduce stress, intensify your focus, increase body awareness and find your inner peace in each pose. Participants are encouraged to find their own comfort in each asana as we are all at different abilities and yoga is NOT a competitive sport it is a personal practice. Come and join me and others your age in this friendly fun online yoga class.

What to expect in your gentle yoga class

Gentle back bends, twists, stretches and balance poses to strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and proprioception and calm your mind and body. A gentle class incorporating breath work and relaxation, stimulating your vestibular system to help maintain balance and leave you feeling completely relaxed yet full of energy. These classes are also suitable for anyone with hip, knee or other physical issues, looking to improve their range of motion. 

  • Benefit of an over 50's seniors yoga class

Come and practice yoga with people of your age and mine. Feel comfortable in a class that doesn’t consist of super flexible folk leaving you intimidated and reluctant to return.  

  • Practice yoga at your pace and ability

I believe the true journey of yoga is to practice it at your pace and for your body. Every body is individual so learn how to listen to yours.

  • Improve your range of motion and increase synovial fluid

Practicing yoga helps to circulate the synovial fluid in your joints helping to keep them strong, supple and healthy.

What You Get From a Senior yoga Class

Strengthen your joints whilst making them more flexible. This gentle online yoga class will help you to improve your balance and range of motion in your joints, reduce your blood pressure and improve your respiration with the use of pranayama.