Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K

change self sabotaging and limiting beliefs

Have you ever had the feeling that your life is playing the same record over and over with similar self sabotaging experiences and issues coming back around time after time?


Do you feel like you attract the same people/problems/issues in your life even though you may feel that you are not doing anything to draw them in?

Or perhaps you find yourself never quite reaching your goal as when you’re almost there something unexpected happens that takes you back to square one?


Let me introduce you to the subconscious mind.

If you are feeling frustrated, blocked, stuck or that you are living life on a continuous loop then this is more than likely due to your subconscious programming that you have hard wired from a young age and that unconscious programme has been playing on repeat in the background attracting the same or similar to you.

The subconscious minds role is to protect us (well so it thinks), to help us survive so to speak however what may have served us well when we were younger that our subconscious mind programmed in, may in fact be hindering us later in life when those perceived threats are no longer in our lives.

PSYCH-K is an effective technique to dial into the subconscious mind and helping to change any limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programmes. Helping you to clear the blocks that have been playing on repeat in the background without you even being aware of them.

The most empowering feeling to know is that the power really is within you to change your destiny.

You are the creator of your own destiny! If you keep doing the things you have always done, consciously or unconsciously, you will always get what you have always got.

PSYCH K will help you tap into your own wisdom to create the life you truly want to live rather than the one your subconscious mind is manifesting.


The science behind our subconscious mind

Neuroscience studies have shown that our subconscious mind accounts for approximately 95% of our consciousness leaving just 5% of our cognitive activities playing the role of our conscious mind.

Have you ever heard the saying 0-6 sticks?

This refers to the fact that as children from the ages of 0 – 6 years old we are in our Delta and then Theta brainwaves as opposed to the Alpha and  Beta brainwaves we move into as we grow.

Theta brainwaves are those that we can move into during meditation or hypnosis (our suggestable brainwave as such) so this may help to explain the brainwave we are in as children.

From the ages of 0 – 6 we have no critical mind to bat off any suggestions from our conscious mind that doesn’t fit with our beliefs in our subconscious mind. In fact everything we see, hear, watch, feel and experience goes straight through to our subconscious mind like a sponge, soaking up all the experiences, views, beliefs etc that are fed to us.

This is designed as an internal survival mechanism to help us to reach adulthood. Protective behaviours that we learnt along the way in order to survive may have served us well at times in our younger years however as adults those same things may hinder our growth and potential and may unwittingly be holding us back from our true potential that we are not even conscious of.

Consider your subconscious mind as the storage on a computer where all the data of your experiences, beliefs and values are stored. Now imagine your conscious mind as the software that you try to install over the top.

For this explanation we will call a limiting belief a bug. So if you have a bug deep in the systems hard drive of your computer, any programme you try to upload to the computer will be affected and won’t install properly as the bug keeps kicking out the programme, sending it back to default mode. The mind is no different!

PSYCH-K is like debugging the hard drive, cleaning the storage area allowing new more beneficial software to be uploaded and installed helping you live a life you love.

Changing our limiting beliefs inside ultimately changes our world outside

Our bodies and minds are so intertwined, they are not separate. In yoga we are aware of this hence why we link our breath (prana/energy) to our movement (asana).

Bruce Lipton a cell biologist, pioneer in epigenetics and internationally recognised expert in bridging science and spirit explains the link between our mind and body beautifully in his book ‘Biology of Belief’. Explaining that our perceptions create a signal to the cells in our body which physically changes our DNA, thus producing duplicate cells with the same perception, creating the same thoughts, beliefs etc.

A self fulfilling prophecy for our destiny as such if we keep doing the same thing.

In fact Bruce Lipton is now an advocate of PSYCH-K after experiencing the results from this method first hand. Bruce found that PSYCH-K was the perfect compliment to his own scientific findings, helping people to get results from the information he was sharing and create huge beneficial changes in their lives.

So what can I do to change it you ask? Scratch the record playing on repeat in the background to play a different song! And that all starts with changing the limiting beliefs, habits and programming in your subconscious mind.

The power really is within you to change your internal world to ultimately change your external world.

PSYCH-K can guide you through this process helping you to balance any areas in your life clearing the way and allowing the natural flow to assist you in achieving what you truly want in your life.

This process helps to expand the possibilities in your subconscious mind to look beyond the limiting beliefs, thus opening the new doors to the life you desire.


What to expect in a PSYCH-K session and what can it help with?

During our initial 30 minute phone consultation we will discuss what is going on in your life right now and what you would like to change. This will help you determine what your limiting beliefs are that are holding you back.

I will explain the process of how we work together to see if those beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind via muscle testing. Energetically our muscles give indications as to whether a statement is believed deep down or not.

When working online with me, I will act as a surrogate for your muscle testing on your behalf after getting permission from your superconscious mind that it is appropriate for me to do so. This is achieved through quantum entanglement. Your superconscious will only give permission if it is appropriate for you so you can rest assured that your superconscious has your higher good as the goal to achieving what is best for the growth of your soul.

After our initial consulation we will arrange an hours session either in person or online via Zoom. During this session we work on changing that limiting belief or perception of a stressful situation to help you make the shifts in your life that you want.

Once the new belief has been installed in the subconscious we work on an action plan to help you move towards the goal of your new installed belief. Steps you can take within reach that will complement your new belief and help you move towards your goal.

PSYCH-K is a process that installs these new beliefs. That being said, as with any process, in order to achieve your goal there should be an acknowledgment that in every moment we have a choice and the choices you choose after a session will determine your outcome.

This process can assist with any limiting belief. Whether it be around money, relationships, stress/anxiety, weight or phobias PSYCH-K can help unlock new possibilites.


How many sessions will I need?

This is dependent on the individual. PSYCH- K can work with an issue in one session and in many cases can change the limiting belief in that one session. However there are cases where we may find ourselves going back to our default programme. This may be due to not following through with your action steps or in some cases it may be that there is a secondary gain to the old belief.

A secondary gain is a belief that the subconscious mind benefits from. An issue behind the issue. Perhaps with the old belief the subconscious benefited by gaining more or less attention with that belief. In this case we would look beyond the superficial level and delve deeper into what that gain may be to determine the root cause and work around that to help you achieve your goal in a subsequent session.


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