Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Looking to improve the overall wellbeing of your staff, reduce sick days and increase productivity?

Are you noticing a rise in staff sickness, an increase in employees with emotional stress or perhaps back complaints or joint issues from being seated for long hours?

Perhaps many of your team are still working from home due to COVID-19 and you are looking for a wellbeing class for them to join in the comfort of their own homes?

Yoga has been proven to enhance the overall wellbeing of people practising it, increasing productivity, boosting morale, lowering cortisol levels in the body (the stress hormone), helping with mild back issues, calming the nervous system, improving focus and generally improving the overall mental and physical wellbeing of those who practice yoga regularly.

Certain yoga poses also improve the digestive system and as the gut is considered the second brain and a place where we hold a lot of tension and stress, then it makes sense to also work on this area of our bodies to improve our health. Many illnesses are said to start from the gut not functioning correctly therefore by boosting our digestive system we will see a reduction in many illnesses/conditions thus a reduction in staff sickness.

Corporate yoga classes in Kent and online for your office or workplace

Why not try out one my corporate yoga classes for your employees at lunchtime or after work?

I cover Broadstairs and beyond in Kent, travelling to your place of work to hold my corporate yoga classes, including pranayama (conscious breathing techniques), asanas (poses) and guided relaxation/meditation to relax the body and mind and leave your staff feeling replenished, calmer, and more focused.

Alternatively, I am able to offer a dedicated online class for your workforce in the comfort of their own home live streaming via Zoom.

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve productivity in your workplace

Those practising yoga have expressed a calmer outlook on life, and who wouldn’t want that? Having the ability to remain calm in a stressful situation can prove useful both in the office and at home. Emotional stress in the workplace is on the rise and having a huge effect on productivity at work. Yoga can help employees calm their nervous system and enhance their resilience in stressful environments and situations.

By stretching the body we increase the blood circulation and synovial fluid in the joints helping to prevent fatigue, joint pain and arthritis. For many who spend hours at their desks or in stressful job roles, practising yoga asanas, learning conscious breathing techniques to calm the mind, all topped off with a relaxing guided meditation can offer huge benefits for both employees and ultimately your business.

Reduce stress related absenteeism with yoga in your company

Statistics show that around 15 million sick days are taken per year due to stress, anxiety or depression with 1/3 of sick days through illness in the UK being as a direct result of work related pressure and stress. By offering your employees a weekly yoga, pranayama and meditation practice you can reduce this figure in your own workplace and increase productivity from your staff helping your business to fly.

I offer one off sessions or group bookings of 10 sessions, please contact me for prices.