Yoga Classes

Yoga & Pilates Classes and Wellbeing Workshops in Brentwood

Yoga provides many benefits for our bodies and minds and can assist at any age and stage of your life. If you have never tried a yoga class before and are interested in dipping your toe into the wonderful world of yoga then take a look at our beginners yoga classes which will give you a good starting point.

Various yoga classes provided from a team of experienced teachers in our beatuful studio in Brentwood town centre. A variety of yoga classes available from beginners to the more advanced, over 50’s, Yin and Yang yoga, Lotus, holistic, Hatha, Vinyasa, Sports, Power, Teen, Kids, Pregnancy in addition to pilates and yogalates (a fusion of yoga and pilates), please see our available classes below.

Private yoga and corporate wellbeing sessions are also available by request.

corporate yoga in essex
Corporate Yoga
Corporate yoga and wellbeing sessions to reduce stress in the workplace and increase productivity for your business. Classes include pranayama (conscious breathing techniques) to calm the mind, asanas (yoga poses) to stretch the body and improve circulation and guided mediation/relaxation to focus and balance the body and mind. One off sessions available or group bookings. Contact me for more information


Improves your flexibility
Stretching your muscles in a safe and gentle way helps you to create a more supple body and prevent injury. Flexibility in the body decreases the risk of falls which makes yoga a great exercise for all ages young and old.
Betters your bone health
Bone density is increased by yoga poses as working different muscles in opposite directions helps to stimulate osteocytes which are the cells that make bones. Yoga postures also assist in lubricating the joints
Increases your blood flow
Yoga postures particularly inversions help to ease the pressure from the heart having to work so hard, increases the blood flow which in turn helps to oxygenate all the cells in your body.
Builds muscle strength
Increase muscle tone and definition and stabilise your joints with yoga.
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