gong bath brentwood
Gong Bath & 7 Chakra Sound Healing
Gong bath and 7 Chakra Sound Healing evening. One not to be missed with the wonderful Colin.
Event Information
April 19, 2020
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Heartcentred Wellbeing
He’s back, whoop whoop!! Join Colin for a self love Sunday of gongs and sound healing of the 7 chakras. This event was fully booked before when we were lucky enough to have Colin at our studio in November with many on the waiting list so be sure to get your ticket early to avoid disappointment. This wonderful man will be joining us again at our Brentwood studio to take you on a journey of sound.
‘Sound Is Healing and the vibration of sound can move through our Physical body, our Mental body and our Emotional body helping us to heal, release stored emotions and energy blocks, bringing our body and mind back to homeostasis.
Sound waves have the power to vibrate through our skin, tissue, muscles and bones. This can alleviate stress and tension, pain and discomfort and bring balance to our Chakra Centres.
Sound can soothe the mind bringing calmness and tranquillity to our constant thought process helping us to tame the ‘monkey mind’.
Sound can open the heart, inviting Peace and Love to grow within.
Love for ourselves and others.
Event Activities
Colin with give an intro whilst you get yourself comfortable on your mat ready to experience the gongs
Experience the healing vibrations of the gongs, helping to change your frequency and shift any blocked emotions
Colin will show you the gongs and allow you to have a go yourself. Join us for a cuppa and chat after the gong bath
Time to leave and continue your relaxed state at home, feeling replenished and tranquil.

Join us for a cuppa at the end of the session where you will have a chance to chat with Colin and have a go on the gongs yourself.

Event Host