Yoga For Private Group

Yoga For Private Group

If you are looking for a class for just you and your friends I offer private group yoga classes for up to four people. That way you can split the cost between you and still have that personalised class amongst friends. I travel to Brentwood, Hutton, Shenfield, Billericay, Ingatestone and surrounds.

Private Small Group Yoga Classes

Together we can work out what you all would like to focus on and if there are any areas of stiffness or discomfort with your bodies. Each week I can arrange a class based around the areas you would like to practice including pranayama and relaxation to create a sense of calm. 

Private Group Lesson

Improve your joints range of motion, focus on muscle groups of your choice and learn breathwork in your asanas to increase your focus and leave you feeling energised and yet completely tranquil. 

  • Benefits of private groups

You are amongst friends in the comfort of your home therefore will naturally feel more relaxed in your own environment. 

  • Split the costs

Experience the benefits of a private class to enable you to work on specific areas with the added benefit of splitting the costs between you and your friends. 

  • Contact me for more details

Contact me for more information on private group session for you and your friends to see if this is good option for you and to check my availability 

How to book a private yoga class

Drop me an email with your available dates and times and any special areas you would like to work on in addition to any medical conditions that may affect your practice.