Brentwood Yoga (evenings)

Brentwood Yoga (evenings)


Are you looking for an evening yoga class in Brentwood? Then come and join me for my Hatha yoga class in Warley Hill on Tuesday evenings and my slow flow yoga on Thursday evenings. Weekly classes on a Tuesday and Thursday evening for those looking to improve posture, strength and balance. All ages and abilities welcome. This classes will suit everyone from beginners to advanced. If you would like to join a mindful yoga class with heart and focus contact me for more info.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Classes Overview

Each person will work to their own ability as yoga is a practice where you can progress at your own pace. Tuesdays class is more suitable for absolute beginners with asanas and stretches for any body type or age. Thursdays class offers more fluidity with movement from one pose to the next in a mindful slow vinyasa flow, using the breath in each pose to create homeostasis in your body and mind. Yoga mat can be provided if you do not have one, please contact me to request one beforehand. Classes are booked in blocks of 4 but feel free to contact me to try a class out and pay on the day for the first class.

What to expect in these yoga classes in Brentwood

Both classes provide pranayama as part of the class in addition to a wonderful relaxation at the end to leave you feeling completely refreshed and energised. 

  • Physical Benefits

Improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture

  • Mental benefits

Calm your mind, clear the chatter and focus on your breath

  • Overall wellbeing

Create a sense of calm and improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing by attending this class.

What You Get From These Yoga Classes

Whether you are a complete beginner of yoga and looking for a Hatha yoga class in Brentwood that will leave you feeling replenished and tranquil or you want more of a vinyasa flow of yoga poses to gently work the muscles with a mindful slow flow then contact me for more details on attending these classes.