Teen Yoga Course (6 weeks)

Teen Yoga Course (6 weeks)

In a time when so much is changing Teen Yoga helps deal with varied emotions, its an incredible tool for self exploration and awareness, in an environment where diversity, self acceptance and self love is encouraged.

Teen Yoga Course in Brentwood

Teen yoga provides a safe, loving, fun and non competitive atmosphere, where teens can build self confidence, develop and manifest dreams, make positive shifts and just have a chance to be.

Fantastic course for your teen

Teens will continue to develop invaluable tools they can use now and for the rest of their life, such as connecting with the breath, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation practices. Practicing frequently can help balance the bodies chemistry and physiology, grow in flexibility, endurance and freedom of movement.

  • Benefits of Teen Yoga

Teens will be challenged to try new things they have never done before which will provide them with a sense of achievement and moving forward.

  • How teen yoga can help

Teen yoga provides benefits physically, emotional and mentally

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How to book on a teen yoga course

You will need to register your teens details when booking and sign on their behalf. Please see our booking page for our timetable of when this course starts to book online.