Kids 6 Week Yoga Course

Kids 6 Week Yoga Course


Kids yoga is taught in a fun, creative, loving and non competive environment for children to develop a variety of important skills.

Kids yoga for 7-11 year olds

An environment where children are encouraged to become more conscious of their bodies to explore and discover all the wonderful things we can do ! As children’s bodies grow and change, having the skills to listen carefully to the body and heart will make it more natural to be self reflective and compassionate, making informed choices when against peer pressure.


What to expect in our Kids Yoga Course

In the physical practice children will grow in flexibility and freedom of movement and build a healthy body and mind. Kids are gifted with invaluable tools they can use now and for the rest of their life, such as connecting with the breath, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation practices.

  • Benefits of Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga encourages group and partner work, promoting teamwork, leadership and opportunities
  • How kids yoga can help

We co create classes really creating a space for self expression, confidence building and increasing overall awareness of self and others !

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This is a 6 week course booked in total prior to the course starting for all sessions. See our bookings page and check out our timetable for the course start date

How to book a kids yoga course

Click on the booking tab and scroll through the timetable to see our Friday start date for this course to book on. Spaces are limited so please ensure you book as soon as possible to avoid missing out