We offer Hatha yoga classes at our studio which are suitable for beginners. Emily teaches on Monday, Michelle on Tuesday and Cat on Wednesday evenings. Take a look at our timetable on our booking page.

Hatha yoga classes in Brentwood

Our Hatha classes are a much slower more restorative flow. Taking time to ground and connect to ourselves, the earth and elements around us. We flow through a standing sequence, holding some postures longer, focusing on balance and breath and also spend in floor based postures, with breath work and finishing each session with a relaxing savasana 

These classes offer a gentle flowing sequence of postures, that are designed on uniting movement with the breath . Posture and body alignment is an important focus as well as incorporating proper breathing techniques. These classes allow student’s to develop their own practice and restore balance between the body and mind

Suitability level for Hatha yoga classes

Our Hatha classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. If you are new to yoga just let us know and we can talk you through the poses as we go to ensure you feel comfortable.

  • New to yoga?

Not a problem, our Hatha classes are a great place to start your yoga journey

  • How Hatha yoga can help

Learning to listen to your body and really connect is a gift this practice provides. As we stay in poses for a short time we can really focus on our breath to soften into the pose

  • Want to book on ?

Then check out our booking page and decide which evening you would like to try. Or why not try all three classes to see which style and teacher resonates with you most.

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Join us for an evening of pranayama (conscious breathwork), asanas and a guided relaxation to end